Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

We take on projects that move us. And build tech that propels our clients’ businesses forward.



Employees (and growing)



Cities in the US, Europe and LATAM



Customer retention over 15 years



Projects, and counting



Of clients refer us to their networks

Trained by top universities. 
Ready to start in a few weeks. 
Devoted to results, not just requirements.

GBH: Staff Augmentation

Our latest best practices in staff augmentation

The market will see one product. So we work as one team.

Except in the event of a friendly push up contest…

New York, Miami, Santo Domingo, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Mexico City

We follow the same approach every time to help companies grow:

Fast Onboarding

We know how to get up-to-speed quickly. Your GBH team will begin meaningfully contributing within 3 weeks. We cover training if you don’t love a hire.

Close Team

We’re in constant contact via Slack and Zoom during the project. We kick off at your office to better understand your
culture and also bond over dinner to join as one team in building great things.

There’s Always A Solution

With over 150 engineers and growing, our team has seen a lot. And if it’s something new, we know how to find the solution.

Based in The “Why”

The context and "why" behind each project and roadmap are what guide our decision-making.

La diferencia GBH

Tu porque

Creamos soluciones exitosas la primera vez, llevando el pensamiento de diseño y la solución ágil de problemas a las empresas.

Remote team. Conference room down the hall feel.

18 years warmly serving as an extension of our clients’ teams with a tried-and-true process:

Schedule a call with a business-minded tech lead focused on understanding your business and needs.

After foundational research and approval, we will assemble a team, establish a state-of-the-art dev organization workflow (containers, ci/cd and automation from the start), so you can focus on other areas of growth.

We’ll fly out to your office to integrate with your team’s way of doing things and work in an ongoing, highly collaborative manner, making sure we deliver the work exactly as your envision it. You can expect an open chat with your dev team and daily video chats to ensure ongoing alignment.

Get further faster with a flex team just as devoted to the impact of your product as you are.

Your dev team just got mightier.

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