Protect the future of your company by integrating a new level of cybersecurity

It is necessary to strengthen the continuity of your operations. Along with Acronis Cyber Cloud, we offer licensing of specific solutions for the needs of your organization with the aim of staying steps ahead of cybercriminals.

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With 18+ years in the market, Acronis offers products and solutions aimed at your company’s cybersecurity, taking into account factors such as the corporate network, remote workers, data recovery, and more. At GBH, we have partnered with Acronis to provide you with cybersecurity solutions that adapt to the needs of your organization, ensuring the continuity of your operations.

Cybersecurity is essential in your company, how will you know that you are choosing the right product?

That’s where GBH comes in!

image: Third-party provider
Third-party provider

who has Acronis Cloud Tech Professional and Acronis Cloud Sales Associate certifications. We are your best ally to acquire Acronis Cyber Cloud.

image: 18+ years of experience
18+ years of experience

in the technology area, with a team of experienced professionals working together to achieve the goals and objectives of each client.

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GBH Value

Working from a deep understanding of your business, we will identify your needs to offer you the most suitable plan for you and your company, thus achieving a positive impact on your business productivity.

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After an initial assessment, we select the most suitable plan for your company's needs and seek your approval. Then, we carry out a detailed assessment of the technological infrastructure to ensure that it is aligned with the product's needs, without neglecting productivity, teamwork, connectivity, among others.

Small budget? Remote workers? Data protection and backups?

We offer solutions adaptable to the needs of your company, such as Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Microsoft 365.

We consider that the most important thing is the protection of your team and the information they process, regardless of the time or place.

Discover what our clients say about the service:

What will your organization gain?

Prevent the loss of valuable information for the continuity of your operation.

Backups made the easiest way, just a click away.

Anti-malware protection.

Secured cloud information.

Protection against damage to your company’s reputation.

Chat with us! We want to be part of your company’s security. Our professionals are available to explain the process and answer your questions about cybersecurity or product acquisition.

We help you make the right decision.

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